Aug 12, 2016 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our family, friends and fans for your ongoing support. For those who aren't familiar with the behind the scenes on-goings of putting a band together from the obvious things like not only finding members who have a similar vision,  but  ones you can get along with , a constructed extension of each members  'family',  taking a group of relative strangers who each have different personalities , writing/working styles, responsibilities and obligations , likes and dislikes, and melding all those variables into a cohesive 'musical entity' that can write , record  and fundamentally just 'exist' with one another ... It can be a daunting task at the best of times .Then  add in the 'business' side of the 'vision' ....ground up creation of all the additional aspects of product selection and design, websites , mailing list start-ups, crafting an entire show that not only makes each band member proud of how he's being represented and satisfying each members creative voice , but also creating something at engages and entices fans to proudly wear swag, buy recordings and return over and over to our shows... Long nights in the studio , or on a telephone, or lit by the glow of a computer screen or device , away from home and loved ones, scheduling 'life' around the band etc etc etc . TO OUR FAMILIES ...It takes strong individuals to embark on such a journey, it takes even stronger individuals who sit on the sidelines and sacrifice SO much to allow us to spread our wings and follow our dreams .... We could not do any of it without your undying love and support , and words cannot articulate how grateful we are for all you do and all you put up with on our behalf ... We love you !