Our Story

Calgary Alberta's STONEY TRAIL are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty, can still prevail in an ailing music industry. This prodigious five piece country rock outfit launches from the chutes with both barrels blazing!!!

From their 2015 inception, founding members SASCHA PISCOPO (drums) and MANUEL "MOUSE" VACCARO (bass) set out on a mission to create a country rock project that encompassed the bombastic over-the-top stylings, attitude , and showmanship of their extensive arena rock influences and background, and meld it with the story-telling and relatable song oriented  qualities of country music.

This arduous task of finding the perfect ingredients for this potent cocktail sent them searching high and low , auditioning countless prospects from within their local 'scene' and wrangling in (by sheer stroke of good luck and timing) guitarist JEFF SCHAUER. They then had to set their sites south of the border until finally roping in Arizona's RODNEY "MASTER BLASTER" MACALONEY to round out this country rock power quartet. Having all the ingredients in place, and fully comitted to embarking on this journey, STONEY TRAIL hunkerd down in Sascha's recording facility Sin City Sound recording studios and spent the remainder of 2015 and a good portion of 2016 writing, recording, and developing material and the components of a jaw-dropping live show,  later adding guitar wizard SIMON BENT to the fold in the summer of 2016 that would bring the original vision of this project to fruition.

An undeniable rock influenced rhythm section delivered via STONEY TRAIL'S resident hair metal headbangers Manny and Sascha , punctuated with the blues drenched guitar stylings of Jeff and Simon which is then topped off by the deep 'Cashesque' country songsmith vocals courtesy Rodney, have this band delivering a sound and live show that are likened to todays biggest country superstars like Jason Aldean, Keith Urban and Shooter Jennings. When prodded to describe their sonic acumen, Sascha (the outspoken mouthpiece of this menagerie) was quoted (with a sly grin and laugh)  "though we offer a little something for all country music fans, from the classic to the modern….we certainly aren't your ma and pa's flannel shirt sportin' twangy country band !!! " … and one look and listen to their set list affirms this revelation, from the Johnny Cash version of his 9 inch nails cover 'rusty cage' and the Cadillac Three cover of Motley Crue's 'live wire' to some classic country staples from Brooks & Dunn and Dwight Yokam all mixed in with their own penned material in such tongue-in-cheek songs like 'she don't like the minivan' and toe tappers like 'sunset serenade'…true to their word of "vegas goes country" 

The boys of STONEY TRAIL have a clear and concise mission, they have set out,  crafted and honed, a deliberate brand of musical prowess, live show and showmanship that up to this point has been reserved for the fans attending the big ticket mega international touring artists arena shows … something that has never sat well with any of  the members of this country rock onslaught.  "a fan shouldn't have to spend $100 or more for a ticket in order to see an arena quality show , they should be able to take a date to the local watering hole or dancehall and be presented with the pomp and pagentry of the 'heavy hitters' …they should leave even the most intimate venue and feel they have danced and celebrated the night away while having been treated to  a private and personal 'all access' sonic and visual experience of the country behemoths that only come around sporadically" laments Sascha …."and STONEY TRAIL delivers in spades!!"